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Product of Canada, Tanned in Greece
Genus and species: Vulpes vulpes. Wild.
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Price: $12.00 per tail
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    These silver red North American red fox tails are approximately 16" to 20" long. They are not dyed, this is their natural color.

    Unlike most manufactured items, furs and fur products can vary tremendously in quality. We have seen furs that range in price from US$1.00 each to US$100.00 for the same animal. There is also some variation in the tails that we offer. Most of our fox tails are "decent." The main difference between the lower price point and the "premium" tails is the quality and appearance of the tail. For example, a US$10.00 fox tail may be shorter and thinner than one that costs US$15.00. In general the lower the price, the lower the quality of the tail. The higher the price, the higher the quality of the tail. What we are looking for is shape, length, width, fluffiness, color, etc.

    Our supplies of fox tails varies. We may have what we think is a good selection and adequate stock and then have someone buy every tail we have in a certain species. Stocks can change quickly, so please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

    We can make the fox tails into keychains for a small fee. Add a nickel or gold keychain from below to the shopping cart. If you prefer, we can use a tan or black leather strap instead of a key chain.

    We have many customers who want to purchase a fox tail for their Vespa or Lambretta motor scooters so they can look like the ones in the movie Quadrophenia. We recommend the silver fox tail or American Red Fox tail.

    A USFWS export permit is required for all shipments outside the USA.