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Genus and species: Carcharhinus longimanus. Wild.
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    These sharks' teeth come from the oceanic whitetip shark in the waters off Bangladesh. These teeth are all specimen quality from the top jaw and are thoroughly cleaned. These teeth are NOT fossilized, but are from recently killed sharks and are a bright white in color.

    White tip shark are subject to CITES II and are not for export out of the United States.

    This shark is also known by the following names:

    Afrikaans: Opesee-wittiphaai

    English: Oceanic whitetip shark, Brown Milbert's sand bar shark, brown shark, nigamo shark, shark, whitetip, whitetip shark, white-tip shark, and whitetip whaler

    French: Requin oceanique

    Spanish: Tiburon oceanico, cazon, galano