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Natural Exotics is an online store of Chichester, Inc.

How Chichester Serves the Movie Business around the World

Over the years we have been involved in supplying exotic natural materials to dozens of movie shoots in the U.S., Canada, and around the world.  We know the time pressures costume and set designers face and know our business.  We know our materials, have extensive inventory on hand and have hundreds of tested suppliers around the planet.  We will let you know what is possible and what isn’t.  We can obtain CITES export permits on short order (especially out of Canada), and know how to ship around the world using specialized forwarders. 

Our staff are able to work with buyers, designers, and forwarders across time zones.  If you are in London and need someone who will pull off the interstate in Indiana and spend hours working from a hotel room in the middle of the night with your team in New Zealand to keep your merchandise moving, you’ve come to the right place.

We are not a mom-and-pop shop with limited international expertise.  We import from 30+ countries, export to 40+, have warehouses full of merchandise, travel the world regularly, use specialized forwarders and foreign-exchange brokers, have our own customs bond, and bank with HSBC.  Our moto is “Think globally, act globally.”  We will not try to compete with e-Bay sellers--we can offer a level of service these people do not know exists.

We are experts in our field.  We know what can trip you up and how to avoid problems importing into other countries.  We communicate extensively with all parties to keep everyone in the loop on time-sensitive projects.

Here are a few examples of the type of projects we have done without problem:

  • Deal with a U.S. movie company, ship from Canada, invoice England, deliver to South Africa.
  • Deal with a Canadian company in Toronto and have stock ready for pickup.
  • Deal with a U.S. movie company, manufacture an item, and dropship from China to New Zealand.
  • Deal with a U.S. movie company, import merchandise from Hungary to Canada, consolidate with other merchandise, and deliver CITES articles from Canada to New Zealand using a Canadian forwarder while avoiding the U.S. and Australia.
  • Deal with a Canadian company and ship next-day air to Vancouver.
  • Deal with a U.S. company, air freight reindeer hides from Finland to California, produce parkas, boots, and sleeping bags and then export and ship by air to Iceland for final delivery to Greenland.

We can’t do the impossible, but are pretty good at doing the improbable.  We look forward to working with you.

While you can start dealing with any of our staff, the movie-industry experts are Paul Crosby and Michelle Spencer.  You can reach us at our main office in Toronto at 1.800.206.6544 or +1.416.232.0376.  The staff can track us down anywhere in the world.

Thank you.

Paul and Michelle