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About Us


Natural Exotics is the online store of Chichester, Inc.


Chichester was started in 1992 by Paul Crosby as a part-time hobby business exporting Native American arts and crafts from Canada to the United States. Throughout the years, we have grown into an importer, exporter, distributor, and retailer with offices in both Canada and the United States. Our primary market is the United States, where we distribute an array of products from our warehouses in Niagara Falls, New York and Antwerp, New York. Our main product lines include the following items:

  • Rabbit Skins, Furs, Hides, Skins, and Antlers
  • Craft Supplies, Beads, Buttons, Shells, and Driftwood
  • Leather Bags, Fur Hats, and Fur Accessories
  • Cow Skins, Sheep Skin Rugs, and Fur Rugs and Pillows
  • Trading Post Goods
  • Native American Arts and Crafts
  • Dinosaur Products
  • Gallery Quality Art
  • African Arts and Crafts
  • Curiosities and Exotica

Our customers include museums, gift shops, trading posts, theme parks, catalog retailers, manufacturers, crafts people, museum exhibit suppliers, interior designers, movie set decorators, costume designers, and collectors. We have engaged in drop shipments around the world, for example, we have shipped from Morocco to Slovakia, Finland to China, Spain to Brazil and Mexico, South Africa to Canada, and Canada to China, etc. We ship everything from a small box with a single item to 40-foot ocean containers.

Read about How Chichester Serves the Movie Business around the World.

Read our Statement about the Ethical Sourcing of Animal Products.

Where We Have Done Business Around the World

Chichester regularly imports from more than 30 countries and exports to about 40 in a typical year.  The following list shows all places that we have done business over the years.  Chichester staff visit new countries every year to source our products.  In a typical year, Paul Crosby will do business on four or five continents with a busy year including North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  As of January 2024, Paul has done 260 intercontinental trips, crossed the Atlantic ocean 136 times, the Arctic ocean 20 times, the Pacific ocean 22 times, made 25 trips to various countries in Africa, 10 trips to the Caribbean, 5 trips to Central America, 9 trips to South America, and has pursued business in 91 countries. We see suppliers and customers in person.  We know the world!

In the list below, an asterisk (*) indicates one or more personal visits to the country or region.

  • Albania*
  • Andorra*
  • Antarctica, McMurdo Station
  • The Arctic*
  • Argentina*
  • Aruba*
  • Australia*
  • Austria*
  • The Bahamas*
  • Bangladesh
  • Barbados*
  • Belgium*
  • Belize*
  • Brazil*
  • British Virgin Islands*
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada*
    • Alberta*
    • British Colombia*
    • New Brunswick*
    • Nova Scotia*
    • Manitoba*
    • Ontario*
    • Prince Edward Island*
    • Quebec*
    • Saskatchewan*
    • Newfoundland* and Labrador*
    • Northwest Territories*
    • Nunavut
    • Yukon*
  • Cayman Islands
  • Chile*
  • China*
  • Colombia*
  • Costa Rica*
  • Croatia*
  • Czech Republic*
  • Denmark*
  • Dominican Republic*
  • Ecuador*
  • El Salvador*
  • England*
  • Egypt*
  • Estonia
  • Ethiopia*
  • Finland*
  • France*
  • French Guiana*
  • Germany*
  • Gibraltar*
  • Greece*
  • Greenland
  • Grenada*
  • Guatemala*
  • Haiti*
  • Hong Kong*
  • Hungary*
  • Iceland*
  • India*
    • Delhi*
    • Kerala*
    • Tamil Nadu*
    • Uttar Pradesh*
  • Ireland*
  • Israel*
  • Italy*
  • Jamaica*
  • Japan*
  • Kosovo*
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Lesotho*
  • Liechtenstein*
  • Luxemburg*
  • Madagascar*
  • Malaysia
  • Martinique*
  • Mexico*
  • Macao*
  • Moldova*
  • Monaco*
  • Mongolia*
  • Morocco*
  • Namibia*
  • The Netherlands*
  • New Zealand*
  • North Macedonia*
  • Norway*
  • Pakistan
  • Panama*
  • Paraguay*
  • Peru*
  • The Philippines
  • Poland*
  • Portugal*
  • Romania*
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia*
  • Scotland*
  • Serbia*
  • Singapore*
  • Slovakia*
  • South Korea*
  • Spain*
  • Sweden*
  • Switzerland*
  • South Africa*
    • Eastern Cape*
    • Free State*
    • Guateng*
    • Kwazulu-Natal
    • Limpopo
    • Mpumalanga
    • North West*
    • Northern Cape*
    • Western Cape*
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand*
  • Transnistria*
  • Turkey*
  • Ukraine*
  • United Arab Emirates*
    • Dubai*
  • United States*
    • Alabama*
    • Alaska*
    • Arizona*
    • Arkansas*
    • California*
    • Colorado*
    • Connecticut*
    • Delaware*
    • Florida*
    • Georgia*
    • Hawaii
    • Idaho
  • United States* continued
    • Illinois*
    • Indiana*
    • Iowa*
    • Kansas*
    • Kentucky*
    • Louisiana
    • Maine*
    • Maryland*
    • Massachusetts*
    • Michigan*
    • Minnesota*
    • Mississippi*
    • Missouri*
    • Montana*
    • Nebraska*
    • Nevada*
    • New Hampshire*
    • New Jersey*
    • New Mexico*
    • New York*
    • North Carolina*
    • North Dakota*
    • Ohio*
    • Oklahoma*
    • Pennsylvania*
    • Rhode Island*
    • South Carolina*
    • South Dakota*
    • Tennessee*
    • Texas*
    • Utah*
    • Vermont*
    • Virginia*
    • Wisconsin*
    • Wyoming*
    • District of Columbia*
    • Guam
    • Puerto Rico*
    • U.S. Virgin Islands*
  • Uruguay*
  • Vietnam*
  • Wales*
  • Zimbabwe*

A Note from the President


Thank you for checking out our website.

I am passionate about exotic natural materials. I love dealing with furs, hides, skins, shells, meteorites, fossils, bones, teeth, tusks, and horns from around the world. I am fascinated by nature’s creations, whether it is the beautiful spiral of a turbo shell or the sheen of polished mahogany.

I find it fascinating visiting indigenous artists in their homes in remote regions of North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. I love buying and selling handmade leather, masks, hats, and crafts that I have sourced directly from places such as Lesotho and remote reservations in Canada.

Since 1992, I have roamed the planet seeking the finest materials and crafts available for our customers.

I cannot envision retiring. The world is far too fascinating to spend my time playing golf or taking up a “hobby.”

I am looking forward to serving you.

Thank you.

Paul Crosby

About The Staff

It's nice to be able to put a face to the name. The pictures below include some of the people who you are likely to deal with at Chichester.

U.S. Staff

Amy Chase
Niagara Falls, NY

Mike Sansano
E-Commerce Manager
Niagara Falls, NY

Amber Buneta
Warehouse Supervisor
Antwerp, NY

Johnny Buneta
Warehouse Manager
Antwerp, NY


Canadian Staff

Michelle Spencer
Vice President

Mike Gareri
Sales and Marketing

Elizabeth Betsch
Product Development

Tracey Li
Manager of Sales

Eric Goodwin
Office Assistant


Overseas Staff and Contractors

Regina Popova
Administrative Assistant

Csaba Mezossy
Country Manager

Chitta Ranjan Roy
Graphics Expert