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Jumbo African Abalone Shell Smudge Kit
Price: $56.13
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Item #: 2ASK-01 (9UL19) -

This is a jumbo 7.5"+ African abalone shell smudge kit with everything needed for smudging. You will not receive the exact kit from the photos, but one very similar. The kit is comprised of the following:One (1) 7.5" Jumbo African abalone shell (very rare)One (1) 8" wooden tripod standOne (1) 4" bundle of white sageOne (1) 4" Palo Santo stickOne (1) ounce of Palo Santo chunksOne (1) ounce of cedar shavings Genus and species:Shell: Haliotis midae. Wild. South Africa.Tripod: Eucalyptus cinerea....