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Product of Czech Republic
Genus and species: Oryctolagus cuniculus. Ranch Raised.

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Length down the spine on the skin side: 21"
Width across the middle on the skin side: 15"

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Natural Color:
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    This is a jumbo Czech rabbit skin. We sorted through 450 premium quality skins and pulled out five of the best ones. The skin in this listing is from that special selection and is one of the biggest and best available anywhere.

    This Czech rabbit skin was tanned in the Czech Republic. It is one of the nicer rabbit skins we have ever seen. It is soft-tanned, big, and very heavily furred. The rabbit hair is 1" to 1.25" long. It is ideal for resale or for craft projects requiring excellent material. Czech rabbit skins are suitable for trim on parkas, mukluks, and gauntlets.

    The #1 grade are soft, supple, and may have some minor imperfections such as a slip or hole somewhere.

    This skin comes from a domesticated rabbit; not a wild one.

    Please note: The is a rabbit skin in a Chinchilla color. It is NOT a chinchilla skin.