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Hungarian Tsigai Sheepskin: Natural: Gallery Item
Code: 1309-10-G101 (Y2G)
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Product of Hungary Item #: 1309-10-G101 (Y2G) -

Imported from Hungary, our Tsigai sheepskins are of excellent quality. Also known as Cigája (pronounced Cig-Ah-Ya), Zombori sheep, Oláh sheep, or berke, these sheepskins are quite soft with long, dense hair and a supple hide. Our Natural color sheepskins have a yellow tint to them, making them look almost golden. Sizes may vary. They average between 34" to 50" long and 18" to 31" wide, with an average hair length of 6" to 10" long. These sheepskins make for ideal seating pads, floor mats or...