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Made in Poland
Genus and species: Ovis aries. Ranch.

PLEASE NOTE: These are cushion covers only. Cushion inserts not included.

Material Type:
Real Fur
Natural Color:
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Price: $192.53 per cushion cover
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    These luxurious cushion covers are made with authentic Icelandic sheepskin fur. Its soft texture and long hair makes it ideal for snuggling into on any day. Available only in white, it measures approximately 20" long by 20" wide on the fur side (or, 19" by 19" on the fabric side), with hair approximately 4" to 6" long.

    Icelandic sheepskin hair does not go in one direction like a dog or cat's fur, but rather it falls in every direction. This is not a hollow hair, so it doesn't break or shed.

    These Icelandic sheepskins are Eco-tanned without the use of heavy metals. The exact formulation is a trade-secret but the tanning meets European Union regulations for an environmentally friendly tanning process.

    Icelandic sheepskins are not endangered. The sheepskin items we offer are a by-product of the food industry in Iceland. The animals were not killed just for their skins.