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Product of Iceland, Made in Poland
Genus and species: Ovis aries. Ranch.

Custom order only. Delivery time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. No refunds on shipping.

You will not get the exact rug in the photos but one that is very similar.

Approximate Measurements:
5 feet by 8 feet on the hair side

All sizes are approximate. Each rug will be a bit different because the skins used to make the rugs vary.

Natural Color:
Please read the Note about Stock Types
Price: $1,497.51 per rug
    Order Code: 7W0508-CUSTOM
    Availability: Custom Made - Please call/email us to order notify me
    Availability Note: If we are Out of Stock or do not have enough of an item, please call or email us to confirm! Online quantities do not include merchandise that just arrived or may be enroute. If currently not available, we can also add you to our wish list to be notified when available.

    This is a deluxe custom-made 5-foot x 8-foot creamy white Icelandic sheepskin rug.

    This is a custom-order item only that will take 6 to 8 weeks to make and deliver as the rugs are made to order.

    There are no returns due to the cost and time to make a custom item. We are not looking for people who simply want to see how it looks in their home. To see what the skins look like, feel free to order one or two random creamy white single skins for inspection and then return it at your cost. There is little variation from skin to skin. Please measure the area you wish to cover carefully to ensure a good fit.

    This is a non-trivial purchase that is made overseas and imported, so please consider this before ordering.

    Feel free to ask us any questions you may have before ordering.

    The Icelandic sheepskins have a wool length of approximately 4" to 6" and are ideal for use as rugs and furniture coverings. The hair is so long that it does not go in one direction, but rather it falls in every direction. You cannot feel the seams when walking on the rug. Sheepskins do not have hollow hair, so it doesn't break or shed when walked on.

    All-natural, creamy white, unbleached sheepskin is not only stunning but has many advantages. While bleach may brighten up the wool, we choose not to use bleach because it is not environmentally friendly. The all-natural look is the true color of the white Icelandic sheep. If you object to the creamy look in places (some would say yellow) or you are looking for a pure white rug, this is not for you.

    These sheepskin rugs are Eco-tanned without the use of heavy metals. The exact formulation is a trade-secret but the tanning meets European Union regulations for an environmentally friendly tanning process.

    Icelandic sheepskins are not endangered. The skins we offer are a by-product of the food industry in Iceland. The animals were not killed just for their skins.

    You may brush and vacuum the skins regularly to keep the wool fluffy, soft, and neat.

    Clean with a damp cloth for small stains and minor soiling.

    Do not dry clean the skins as the dry cleaning process will remove the natural oils from the skin. You can spot clean the hair side with Eucalan™ Wool Wash. Do not soak the hide side. For Washing Instructions and Eucalan™ Wool Wash, please click HERE.

    Stretch the skin to shape it after cleaning. Leave the skin to dry for a few hours away from sunlight and direct heat and then comb the wool with a pet comb to fluff it out.

    Special Notes:

    1) All sizes are approximate and are measured from the wool side, not the skin side. Each rug will be a bit different because the skins used to make the rugs vary.

    2) Pricing is US$25.00 per square foot for white rugs. This will help you estimate custom sizes.

    3) Other colors besides creamy white may be available on a custom-order basis. The sheepskins come in four other colors: black, brown, gray, and piebald (white with black spots). However, because of the large variation in the gray and the brown skins, the larger the rug you want, the more difficult it becomes to match the skins in terms of color. See our Icelandic Sheepskins for other colors available. Prices are also higher for other colors. Expect US$30.00 to US$35.00 per square foot.

    4) Larger rugs are available on a custom-order basis. Please note that rugs larger than 12' by 12' become very difficult to handle and have significant price increases for labor. Depending upon the size of the rug, it takes two to three people to sew the skins together. Very large area rugs can be made by using two-inch wide Velcro tape to keep the rugs together.

    5) Authorized returns only within five days of receipt if you are unhappy with the rug for any reason. You pay shipping and insurance both ways. No returns on used rugs for any reason.

    6) Rugs in stock (listed as gallery items) can be shipped immediately. Please allow six to eight weeks for completion of custom work.

    7) We can add a lining to the back of the skin for an extra US$250+ depending upon the size of the rug. We can use velvet or wool for the backing. We do not recommend a satin backing as the rug will slide too easily.

    "Hi Paul, just wanted to thank you for the rug. It’s incredible! Truly a piece of art."

    - A customer from Texas, October 2023