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Leather Hat with Band and 6 Alligator Teeth: Gallery Item leather hatbands with alligator teeth
Code: 1174-HA6-50-G4742 (Y2O)
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Made in the USA Item #: 1174-HA6-50-G4742 (Y2O) -

This leather hat was made in Cotacachi, Ecuador. Attached to the front and to the hat ribbon's ends are real alligator teeth. The teeth at the front is held by a deerskin strap threaded through the hat band. We measure the inside circumference of the hats in inches. Sizes are approximate. To give you an idea of the size, a 23" circumference hat measured 15" long by 12" wide with a 12.5" long strap, and it weighed 0.56 pounds. American alligators in the wild are protected under the U.S....