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Reindeer Calf Hide: #2 High Grade: Assorted
Price: $217.14
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Item #: 33K-2HC-AS -

These are #2 high grade reindeer hides. The calf hides are smaller than adult hides. The #2 grade hides have bug bites and other minor flaws.We measured one skin to be 46" long by 29" wide down the middle, and weighing 2.25 lbs. Reindeer hides from Sweden are decorative skins that make great wall decorations and rugs or can be cut up for use in craft projects. The skins are clean and white on the back. Why buy from us? We can import reindeer skins into the U.S. by the container load. We are...

Swedish Reindeer Rawhide: Medium
Price: $290.70
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 55-81M-AS (Y2J) -

These are reindeer rawhides from Sweden. The medium size are approximately 9 to 11 square feet. The Swedish hides tend to be a milky creamy color. The Finnish ones are more transparent and blotchy. We deal with a tannery in Sweden that has spent the last 80 years perfecting the making of reindeer leather and rawhide. The hides we get are some of the best we have seen anywhere in the world. They are about as perfect as is possible. You will not find large holes or significant...