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Moccasin Kit
Code: 469-4604-xxx
Price: $58.32
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Made in the USA Item #: 469-4604-xxx -

The golden cowhide moccasins that result from the completed kits are soft and comfortable, yet durable. The pieces are pre-cut and pre-punched and just need to be laced together according to the instructions provided for a custom fit. Please note that the packaging only lists Women's sizing. See our chart below for the Men's equivalent sizing. MoccasinWomen's Size Men's Size Length x Width (Inches) Youth4-5 3-49 x 3 Small6-7 5-6 9.5 x 3.125 Medium8-9 7-8 10 x 3.25 Large10-11 9-10 10.75 x 3.25...