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Alligator Foot
Code: 21-AG-xxx
Price: $16.54-$99.23
Availability: Variant
Product of the USA Item #: 21-AG-xxx -

These are real alligator feet. It's polyurethane coating ensures a lasting glossy finish. Order Code Length Weight 21-AG-S 1-1.5" 0.1 oz 21-AG-M 1.5-2.5" 0.4 oz 21-AG-L 2.5-4" 1.4 oz 21-AG-J1 5-7" 2.56 oz (0.16 lbs.) 21-AG-J2 7-8.5" 5.44 oz (0.34 lbs.) 21-AG-J3 8.5"+ 8.96 oz (0.56 lbs.) Please note that we cannot guarantee a matching pair. American alligators in the wild are protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. All of our alligator products come from ranches and are not taken from...