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Shark Vertebrae
Code: 561-400 (F9)
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Product of the USA Item #: 561-400 (F9) -

The shark vertebrae are approximately 11" to 17" long and 0.75" to 1" wide. They weigh approximately 0.20 to 0.34 pounds each. As of August 2016, all of the vertebrae in stock are from Mako sharks. These sharks are not endangered species. We prefer not to export these out of the United States.

Taxidermy Leopard Shark: 19-25"
Code: 561-1925 (N12)
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Price: $55.00
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Product of PHILIPPINES Item #: 561-1925 (N12) -

We now offer Taxidermy Leopard Sharks. They vary between 19" and 25" (48 and 63.5 cm) in length. These sharks are not mounted and have a mix of brown, gray and white coloring. Each weighs approximately 4.3 ounces (123 grams).Not for sale to California.These sharks are not an endangered species. These cannot be exported outside of the United States.