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Goat Rawhide Lace: 1/8" x 25 ft goat rawhide lacing bundles, goat rawhide lace bundles
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Product of PAKISTAN Item #: 567-G018 (Q) -

This is topgrain goat rawhide lacing. The goat rawhide lace is thin and tough and has been bleached to an even creamy color. It can be dampened to make it flexible to work with and it will dry hard and hold its shape. The 1/8" x 25 feet lacing is 1 mm thick.PLEASE NOTE: Rawhide lacing is stiff and must be wetted before use. It will then dry stiff. We have had customers order rawhide laces thinking that they are getting a nice soft lace and are disappointed because it is stiff. Think of rawhide...