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Arctic Snowshoe Hare Skin
Code: 585-SNOW1 (Y2F)(Y3K)
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Product of Russia, Tanned in China Item #: 585-SNOW1 (Y2F)(Y3K) -

Snowshoe hare are different from domesticated rabbit: the skin is thinner and the hair is wilder with longer guard hairs. These hare are in the winter phase and tend to be whitish.A U.S. Fish & Wildlife export permit is required for all shipments outside of the United States.

Hare Plate
Code: 585-PL (Y3L)
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Product of China Item #: 585-PL (Y3L) -

These plates are made from the skins of real, wild rabbits or hares. Compared with the regular domesticated rabbits we offer from Spain, hare have thinner skins with fairly consistent coloring and long guard hairs. They are also referred to as Brown Hare.The hides used in making these plates are very thin and old, and may tear if you try to sew them, which makes them ideally suited for low-quality craft projects such as Halloween costumes. They are definitely not for fashion-quality garment...