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Extra Buffalo Hide Laces (each) buffalo laces, buffalo lacing, buffalo shoelaces
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Native Made in Canada Item #: 201-490-LACES -

These are extra laces for the buffalo hide moccasins that we sell. They each measure 60" long.The moccasin laces are made from North American Buffalo, not water buffalo. The buffalo leather is a by-product of the food industry. The buffalo are ranch raised for food and are not killed just for their leather.

Huron Mens Buffalo Hide Moccasins buffalo hide moccasins, buffalo moccasins
Code: 201-490-Mxxx
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Native Made in Canada Item #: 201-490-Mxxx -

The buffalo hide moccasins are made by Native American artisans from the Huron Nation in Canada using leather from hides from a ranch in Quebec. The moccasins are made from full grain buffalo leather and are lined with full grain leather as well. There is a double layer of leather on the bottom, sides, and top. There is a foam insole in between the two layers on the bottom. Buffalo leather is very strong and lasts well--Elizabeth at Chichester has been frequently wearing a pair around her...