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Huron Snowshoes
Code: 486-1xxxX
Price: $155.00-$220.00
Availability: Variant
Native Made in CANADA Item #: 486-1xxxX -

Huron Snowshoes are used for walking on trails or in open woodland. They are recommended for family recreation. Split lacing. Bindings sold separately. The weight recommendations below are a guideline for use in deep, fluffy snow. For damp or compact snow, the snowshoes will work well with up to a 50-pound higher load. Order Code Size Weight 486-14 10"x33" 50-100 lbs. 486-15 11"x36" 80-120 lbs. 486-11 12"x42" 100-160 lbs. 486-10 14"x48" 175 lbs. & + The Snowshoes are made with leather lacing...

Nylon and Olafin Bindings (pair)
Code: 486-H2 (N10)
Price: $42.00
Availability: In Stock
Native Made in CANADA Item #: 486-H2 (N10) -

Bindings suitable for Huron Snowshoes, Bear Paw Snowshoes, Modified Bear Paw Snowshoes, Alaskan Snowshoes, and Ojibwa Snowshoes.