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Huron Snowshoes
Code: 486-HUxxx
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Native Made in CANADA Item #: 486-HUxxx -

Huron Snowshoes are used for walking on trails or in open woodland. They are recommended for family recreation. Split lacing. Bindings sold separately. The weight recommendations above are a guideline for use in deep, fluffy snow. For damp or compact snow, the snowshoes will work well with up to a 50-pound higher load. The Snowshoes are made with leather lacing and ash splint frames. These traditional style snowshoes are more adaptable to different snow conditions than more modern snowshoes....

Nylon and Olafin Bindings (pair)
Code: 486-H2 (8UN10)
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Price: $46.20
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Native Made in CANADA Item #: 486-H2 (8UN10) -

Bindings suitable for Huron Snowshoes, Bear Paw Snowshoes, Modified Bear Paw Snowshoes, Alaskan Snowshoes, and Ojibwa Snowshoes.