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Dreamcatcher Necklace: Assorted
Code: 1184-AS (D8)
Price: $7.50
Availability: In Stock
Made in PERU Item #: 1184-AS (D8) -

These dreamcatcher string necklaces are handmade by the Inka of Peru. The dreamcatcher rings are 1.25" in diameter. The necklace is 25.5" long overall with 20.5" long strings. Each weights about 0.1 oz. They come in assorted colors.Indigenous Made in Peru

Navajo Dream Catcher Necklace
Code: 200-13xxx
Price: $11.00-$15.00
Availability: Variant
Native Made in the USA Item #: 200-13xxx -

The Navajo Dream Catcher Necklace consists of a turquoise chip inside a deerskin leather-wrapped ring. Four glass beads and a feather charm dangle from the leather straps below. Each necklace comes with a card from Mae Stone guaranteeing their authenticity. Order Code Size 200-130 1.5" ring 200-131 2" ring A USFWS export permit is required for all shipments outside the USA. Native made. ...