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Shrunken Head
Code: 1134-xxx-AS
Price: $60.64-$82.68
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Made in ECUADOR Item #: 1134-xxx-AS -

These are reproduction shrunken heads made by the Jivaro Indians in Ecuador. They are made using goat skin and hair or llama hide and hair instead of real human heads. Heads made out of goat has stiffer hair and thinner skin. Heads made out of llama has softer hair and thicker skin. Each one is unique. Antique real shrunken heads usually sell for US$50,000 to US$60,000. See for more information about shrunken heads. A USFWS export permit is required for all...

Shrunken Head Post Card - Tsantsa
Code: 1134-PC (8U)
In Stock
Price: $2.10
Availability: In Stock
Made in ECUADOR Item #: 1134-PC (8U) -

These post cards depict the Jivaro shrunken heads from Ecuador. They are 6.25" long by 4.25" wide and weigh 0.1 oz.