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Hungarian Suba Coat: Gallery Item racka sheepskin coats, suba capes, suba cloaks
Code: 1176-SC-G4712 (10UBR4)
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Made in Hungary Item #: 1176-SC-G4712 (10UBR4) -

Suba coats are traditional garments worn by Hungarian shepherds. The suba coat is made of racka sheepskins. Racka (pronounced Rass Ka) sheepskins come from a special breed of Hungarian sheep. Racka sheep look like angora goat with unusual spiral-shaped horns. They look like angora goats but their wool is more sheep-like and is softer and denser. They have a lovely, wild look to them. Racka sheep are not an endangered species and are not subject to USFWS and CITES controls. ...