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African Fertility Pendant soapstone pendants
Code: 680-13 (C10)
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Made in South Africa Item #: 680-13 (C10) -

These fertility pendants are carved from soapstone by a Zimbawean artist living in South Africa. They are approximately 1.75" long and 0.5" wide. Soapstone is soft and may scratch or chip easily.

Soapstone Arrowhead With Hole soapstone arrowhead pendants
Code: 128-250 (Y1I)
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Price: $4.64
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Product of Vietnam Item #: 128-250 (Y1I) -

The soapstone arrowhead pendants are predrilled and are perfect for etching. They measure approximately 2.5" to 3" in length and 1.75" to 2" in width.