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Cat-o-Nine-Tails Whip: Gallery Item
Code: 1068-10-G3569 (C9)
In Stock
Price: $252.00
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Made in ECUADOR Item #: 1068-10-G3569 (C9) -

This cat-o-nine-tail whip was handmade in Cotacachi, Ecuador. It is not indigenous made.  It is made from cow rawhide with knotted whip ends.Enjoy, but be careful.  These are excellent for play, but could do real damage if used too hard.

Leather Whip
Code: 1068-xxx
Price: $10.49-$13.65
Availability: Variant
Made in INDIA Item #: 1068-xxx -

The large whips are 105.5" long with a 24" handle. The small whips are 99" long with a 15" handle. The handles are flexible.