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Beaded Keychain: Assorted Styles
Code: 42-22-AS (Y1M)
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Price: $16.40
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Indigenous Assembled in Guatemala Item #: 42-22-AS (Y1M) -

These beaded keychains come in assorted colors. We do not sort them by styles. We will send an assortment of styles unless you call us with a preference. We currently have limited numbers of each style. They are approximately 1.5" to 3" long and 1" to 3" wide. Each keychain weighs 0.4 to 0.6 oz.

Beaded Keychain: Christmas Tree
Code: 42-22-XT (9UD6)
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Price: $12.34
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Assembled in Guatemala Item #: 42-22-XT (9UD6) -

These are handmade Christmas Tree keychains that are indigenous assembled in Guatemala. The trees are made with plastic beads and are about 3" in length plus a 2" keychain attached.They would make great Christmas ornaments or stocking stuffers!

Iroquois Beaded Keychain
Code: 42-03 (Y1I)
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Price: $16.96
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Native Assembled in Canada Item #: 42-03 (Y1I) -

These 4" keychains are assembled using plastic hairpipe, glass beads, and deerskin by the Iroquois in Canada.