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<i>Daisy and the Donkey Church</i> - Childrens Softcover Book
Code: 121-31 (A4)
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Printed in Canada Item #: 121-31 (A4) -

Daisy and the Donkey Church was inspired by the true story of a donkey and a goat who came to live in the courtyard of the Anglican Cathedral in the heart of Quebec City and drew the attention of both locals and visitors from around the world. Daisy’s question, “What on earth is a donkey doing in the middle of a city?” lead to a new understanding about love and the meaning of community. Read this lovely story, with its tender illustrations, to your children or grandchildren and enjoy their...

<i>False Faces of the Iroquois</i>: Used Book: Gallery Item
Code: 1044-G04 (UN10FR1)
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Price: $350.00
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Item #: 1044-G04 (UN10FR1) -

"The False Faces of the Iroquois (Civilization of the American Indian)," available for those seeking to know more about this art.

<i>Outside & Inside Mummies</i> - Hardcover Book
Code: 121-16 (K18A)
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Made in HONG KONG Item #: 121-16 (K18A) -

This small book written by Sandra Markle is a neat introduction to mummies. It is hardcover measuring 9.5" by 10.5". It contains 40 color pages. Supplies are limited.Printed in Hong Kong

<i>The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons</i> (Two-Volume Set)
Code: 121-30 (K19)
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Made in the USA Item #: 121-30 (K19) -

The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons is a two-volume set by Napoleon Hill. It is a republishing of Napoleaon Hill's original, unabridged, classic 1928 eight book series. Its philosophy is the basis for Hill's later work, Think and Grow Rich, and most modern motivational books. It is a blueprint to sucess in any personal or professional endeavor. Printed in the USA.