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Nylon and Olafin Bindings (pair)
Code: 486-H2 (N10)
Price: $42.00
Availability: In Stock
Native Made in CANADA Item #: 486-H2 (N10) -

Bindings suitable for Huron Snowshoes, Bear Paw Snowshoes, Modified Bear Paw Snowshoes, Alaskan Snowshoes, and Ojibwa Snowshoes.

Sport Snowshoe Harness (Adult)
Code: SPFAF3P (L2)
Price: $15.99
Availability: In Stock
Made in CANADA Item #: SPFAF3P (L2) -

There are no export controls for this Adult Sport Snowshoe Harness. Boot type: Sport and moccasin Size: 5 and up Model: Sport Material: Waterproof TPR 0.060" (0.15 cm) Assembly: Heavy duty 1/2" rivet Buckle: Side release buckle Strap: 1" polypropylene 600 lbs test Attachment (foot): Eyelets, lace, and bow cord lock Harness Weight: 0.45 lbs (0.20 kg)