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Mountain Kid Snowshoes: 8" x 21" (Girl)
Code: SPFAMK821W (L2)
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Made in CANADA Item #: SPFAMK821W (L2) -

There are no export controls for these hi tech aluminum snowshoes. Brand: Mountain Kid Girl Dimensions: 8" x 21" Model: Mountain Recommended weight: Powder snow or trail breaker: 32-55 lbs Dry snow or trail: 55-78 lbs Melted snow or packed trail: 78-100 lbs Recommended for: Terrain: Packed trails Activity: Leisure Snow condition: All snow conditions Fabrication: Frame: Aluminum 5/8" 6061-T6, blue Decking: Grey TPR (thermo plastic rubber) Axle: Live (full rotations) Cramps: Aluminum half claw...