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Product of China
Genus and species: Ovis aries. Ranch raised.
  • Custom-order only. Please call us for more information.
  • Very nice fur quality. Few, if any, imperfections
  • King size. Measures approximately about 94" x 102". Lined with mercerized cotton
  • Hair is approximately 4" to 5" in length", but can be as long as 6"
  • Bleached white color. Color may vary from pictures shown due to variations in dye lots and screen display.
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Price: $3,128.72 per blanket
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    Availability: Custom Made - Please call/email us to order notify me
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    Our Tibet lamb blankets make a great addition for your home. Tibet lamb is the most popular among designers for its beautiful appearance and texture. Tibet lamb have long soft curly hair. They are lined with mercerized cotton. The factory tries to match the color of the lining to the color of the fur as closely as possible. If this is not possible, a neutral color of your choice (white/cream or black) can be used.

    Please note that Tibet lamb blankets are custom-order only and may take 6-8 weeks. Custom orders are prepaid and non-refundable.

    You can also request a blanket in your preferred color; see our large selection of Tibet lamb plates in over 50 colors! To ensure your custom rug meets your expectations, we suggest you first buy a sample Tibet lamb plate. Please contact us for more information.

    Tibet lamb are not an endangered species. The skins are a by-product of the food industry - the animals are not killed just for their hides.

    This King size Tibet Lamb blanket is lined with mercerized cotton and measures approximately 94" by 102". They are not perfect rectangles and sizes are approximate. The hair is approximately 4" to 5" in length, but can be as long as 6".

    If you would like a blanket without a lining, please see our Tibet Lamb Rugs.

    Each blanket is made from sewing various skins together. Seams are not visible from the fur side.

    Do not dry clean

    Do not dry clean the the Tibet lamb blanket as the dry cleaning process will remove the natural oils from the lamb skin. For Washing Instructions see Eucalan™ Wool Wash.

    A Note On Odor

    Please note that the dyed lamb blanket do have a chemical odor as a result of being dyed. They may also have a mothball odor as well because we have to prevent bugs from getting into the lamb skin. You can reduce this odor by either airing the rug out or by tumbling the lamb blanket in a dryer with a dryer sheet on very low heat for no more than five minutes. Any more than this will shrink the lamb skin and you will no longer have the option to return them if unsatisfied. If you're worried that the lamb skin may leave an odor in your dryer, we suggest you use a public laundromat.

    We have been in the fur business since 1992. We have extensive experience in the import and export of exotic natural products. The owner, Paul Crosby travels all around the world - ventures into the jungle in Guyana, buys from local artists at South African market, visits factories in Spain and China. We source only quality products because we only want the best goods for our customers.

    We have extensive experience working closely with designers and artists. We try our best to provide products that best suits your needs. Whether it is a certain hair length or matching plates or custom sized rugs - just let us know.