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Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Leather with NO Rattle: Gallery Item
Code: 1344-SNR-G2299 (N1)
Price: $205.00
Availability: In Stock
Made in the USA Item #: 1344-SNR-G2299 (N1) -

These Eastern diamondback rattlesnake skins are legally harvested as part of a program to reduce their numbers in the wild. These are sold in full skins. This is a properly tanned skin for using in making boots or other crafts.Before making any items with the skins it is up to the artist or craftsperson to make sure that the materials are suitable for their purpose. We do not guarantee suitability for any project and cannot accept returns once the skins have been cut.All of our snake skins can...

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Rattle: Gallery Item
Code: 598-RE-G3120 (C14)
Price: $175.00
Availability: In Stock
Product of the USA Item #: 598-RE-G3120 (C14) -

These are the biggest and best rattles we have ever seen. They are priced individually. These are #1 quality rattles from Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes that were legally harvested as part of a program to reduce their numbers in the wild. For size, we count each fully formed button. The size in inches is for reference and is approximate. The jumbo and trophy rattles are rare and in limited supply. Please note that these are natural, not manufactured products. While on the...