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    These old British pennies are almost the size of old American dollars, with a diameter measuring 1.25".

    We sell these giant Old English 1.25" diameter pennies by the 25-pack. They can also be used to create jewelry.

    These come assorted. No picking or high grading is allowed. We do not do any sorting. They are random years as we get them from England.

    As a kid I was fascinated by these giant coins. One of my mother’s friends had come back from England in the early 1970s and had a few of these that she let us play with. I was mesmerized by the sheer bulk of these coins. They were British pennies that were almost the size of old American dollars. These coins show how far inflation has eroded the value of money. It was not that long ago that a British “penny” had more purchasing power than an American “dollar” does today.

    A close friend and I now use “British coppers” for our more serious bets on things such as the outcome of an election or a horse race. Trivial bets are settled in nickels. The world is all upside down….

    Even American pennies are becoming too expensive to mint. Before 1982 American pennies were made of 95% copper. Now they are made of 97.5% zinc and plated with a thin copper coating. Even the zinc coins are now becoming too expensive to make as the value of zinc rises and that of a penny falls. I’ll bet you a “copper” that in the next five years that American pennies are eliminated or produced in plastic or some cheaper metal—if one exists.

    Canada stopped minting pennies on February 4, 2013. Canadian pennies have become nearly worthless and are no longer in use. Retailers now round up or down at the cash register and no longer accept or give out pennies. When will America stop producing pennies?