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Grade 2 Icelandic Sheepskin: Creamy White: 90-100cm or 36" to 40"
Code: 7-2-001-AS (Y1F)
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Product of Iceland, Tanned in Poland Item #: 7-2-001-AS (Y1F) -

These are natural creamy white Grade 2 Icelandic sheepskins. The lengths, given above, are measured on the wool side. The hair is a little matted compared to the Grade 1 sheepskins, e.g. your fingers may get caught when you run your hand through some parts of the hair. They are not a clean white color and may have some areas of discoloration. The hair length is approximately 4" to 6" with the shortest hair along the spine. The hair does not go in one direction like a dog or cat's fur, but...