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Product of ICELAND, Tanned in POLAND
Genus and species: Ovis aries. Ranch.
36-40" or 90-100cm wool side
Natural Color:
Please read the Note about Stock Types
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    These are natural creamy white Grade 2 Icelandic sheepskins. The lengths, given above, are measured on the wool side. The hair is a little matted compared to the Grade 1 sheepskins, e.g. your fingers may get caught when you run your hand through some parts of the hair. They are not a clean white color and may have some areas of discoloration. The hair length is approximately 4" to 6" with the shortest hair along the spine. The hair does not go in one direction like a dog or cat's fur, but rather it falls in every direction. This is not a hollow hair, so it doesn't break or shed.

    These Icelandic sheepskins are Eco-tanned without the use of heavy metals. The exact formulation is a trade-secret but the tanning meets European Union regulations for an environmentally friendly tanning process.

    Icelandic sheepskins are not endangered. The skins we offer are a by-product of the food industry in Iceland. The animals were not killed just for their skins.

    The white skins are "creamy white." The natural color of the skins often has a yellowish hue to the color. As the skins have not been bleached, they often have varying degrees of "creaminess."

    The piebald skins vary in patterns quite a bit and may be black and white, brown and white, black and brown and white, etc. They may also have spots in the middle or different coloration along the edges.

    The brown and gray skins come in various shades. If you are looking for darker brown or light brown or darker gray or lighter gray, please let us know so we can select a skin for you.

    Supplies vary over time so please call to confirm the availability of specific styles or colors.

    You may brush and vacuum the skins regularly to keep the wool fluffy, soft, and neat.

    Clean with a damp cloth for small stains and minor soiling.

    Do not dry clean the skins as the dry cleaning process will remove the natural oils from the skin. You can spot clean the hair side with Eucalan™ Wool Wash. Do not soak the hide side. For Washing Instructions and Eucalan™ Wool Wash, please click HERE.

    Stretch the skin to shape it after cleaning. Leave the skin to dry for a few hours away from sunlight and direct heat and then comb the wool with a pet comb to fluff it out.