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Cloth Scrunchies hair elastics
Code: 1205-10-AS (Q4)
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Indigenous Assembled in Guatemala Item #: 1205-10-AS (Q4) -

These cloth hair scrunchies are available in assorted colors. They are approximately 10" long around the outside perimeter, 1.5" wide, and weigh approximately 0.28 oz.

Mink Fur Hair Scrunchie: Sheared fur hair elastics
Code: 525-11 (A9)
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Price: $23.78
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Made in Greece Item #: 525-11 (A9) -

These mink fur scrunchies are made with real mink fur and have an elastic band inside. They come both in darker natural-looking colors (shades of brown) as well as in wild colors (red, blue, green, assorted colors, etc.). Please specify a color preference when ordering. We also have fox fur and raccoon fur scrunchies.