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31" Gripper Gauntlet
Code: 337-100 (Y2I)
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Made in China Item #: 337-100 (Y2I) -

These 31" rubber and neoprene mitts ensure a sure grip in all conditions, which makes them ideal for trapping and fishing. They are perfect for setting traps under water. With a triple-dipped hand and reinforced thumb patch, they are designed for long-lasting strength that will keep you warm and dry for the whole season.

Mens Suede Split Work Glove
Code: 337-M600-xxx
Price: $21.40
Availability: Variant
Made in China Item #: 337-M600-xxx -

These full-grain deerskin gloves are lined with a 40g Thinsulate™ lining that is very soft and comfortable. They have a soft, rich feel and they are incredibly strong, yet flexible. Even if you get them wet, they will dry to their original softness. The ladies' gloves are narrower with shorter fingers than the men's gloves.All shipments outside of the U.S. require U.S. Fish and Wildlife export clearance.Made in China using deerskin from the USA