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Reindeer Rawhide
Price: $110.00-$205.00
Availability: Variant
Product of FINLAND Item #: 55-80xxx -

This rawhide is very high quality and is ideal for making drums, especially Lapp shaman drums. This rawhide is very thin compared with elk rawhide. The thickness is approximately 1/16" thick for all sizes. We measured three hides per size to find these average measurements. Sizes may vary slightly from hide to hide. Size Average Length Average Width Across Top Average Width Across Middle Average Width Across Bottom Small 49" 26" 27" 39" Medium 52" 30" 30" 40" Large 56" 33" 35" 42" Extra Large...

Reindeer Rawhide: Gallery Item
Price: $139.99
Availability: In Stock
Product of SWEDEN Item #: 55-81-G1144 -

We deal with a tannery in Sweden that has spent the last 80 years perfecting the making of reindeer leather and rawhide. The hides we get are some of the best we have seen anywhere in the world. They are about as perfect as is possible. You will not find holes or significant imperfections. The reindeer were raised for food and were not killed just for their hides.Measurements are for reference only and can vary depending upon the exact location measured. We measure down the spine and across...