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Clear Resin Bug Keychain: Assorted
Code: 1010V-KC-AS (9UC4C)
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Made in China Item #: 1010V-KC-AS (9UC4C) -

These are real bugs and insects that are mounted in an oval shaped plastic pendant hanging on a keyring. The total length of the keychain is 3". These insects are wild caught. We will send an assortment of bug species. We will not be sorting them by the types of bugs. Not for export.

Glow-in-the-Dark Bug Keychain: Green Beetle
Code: 1010-KC-204G (A1)
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Made in Canada Item #: 1010-KC-204G (A1) -

These are real bugs mounted in a 1.5" by 1" glow-in-the-dark plastic keychain. The overall length of the keychain is 4". These insects are wild caught.Not for export.