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    Order Code: 18-SK-S (D7)
    Availability: Variant
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    We have a limited number of tanned skunk tails. Sizes range from about 5" to 18" or so. These tails have a bit of aroma to them, but do not smell much. They are great for craft projects as well as for fly tying for fly fishing.

    We can make them into keychains or add a black leather strap for hanging. See the "Related Items" and add the desired keychain to your shopping cart.

    Skunk are not endangered and are not covered by CITES.

    A USFWS export permit is required for all exports outside of the U.S.

    Order Code Size Lenght Approximate Hair Length
    18-SK-S Small 4-10" (10-25 cm) 3.5" (8.82 cm) or less
    18-SK-M Medium 11-12" (28-30 cm) 3.5-4" (8.82-10.08 cm)
    18-SK-L Large 13-14" (33-36 cm) 5" (12.6 cm)
    18-SK-XL Extra Large 15-16" (38-41 cm) 5.5-6" (13.86-15.15 cm)
    18-SK-XXL Double Extra Large 16"+ (41+ cm) 6"+ (15.12 cm)