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Raccoon Tail Keychain
Code: 42-07 (D5)
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Assembled in the USA Item #: 42-07 (D5) -

The keychains are made using a medium size natural brown raccoon tail and a silver-tone keychain and nickel fur clasp. The tails are around 8" to 10" long. These tails come from skins that have NOT been highlighted with a bluish tint for the fashion industry. These are natural tails and will therefore have some variation in the color. Raccoon are not an endangered species. A U.S. Fish & Wildlife export permit is required for all shipments outside the U.S. ...

Synthetic Raccoon Tail Keychain: Large
Code: 42-42L-AS (Y1K)
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Price: $10.49
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Made in China Item #: 42-42L-AS (Y1K) -

These keychains are made with synthetic (fake) raccoon tails. They are NOT real raccoon tails. The synthetic raccoon tails, not including keychains, are approximately 11" to 12" long. No export restrictions.